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QuoteThanks again, Jennifer, your response and the detail you went into was exceptional! Paddocks Club ought to be a requirement for every trustee in every Sectional Title scheme!

You (Graham) work tirelessly to provide owners, trustees and managing agents that best advice possible. You and your team deserve the utmost appreciation for all that you do and the contribution you make."

Dr. Michael Durst
Unit owner and former trustee


An exclusive online club, headed by Prof Graham Paddock, to help you get answers to your questions about sectional title, home owners' associations and other types of community schemes.

Community Members get access to the discussion forum, where members can become actively involved in discussing issues; asking questions and receiving support from Graham, Anton, Carryn and Zerlinda and other members; exclusive weekly video tutorials; industry updates; relevant legislation and documents, as well as weekly newsletters.

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Discussion forums

  1. Get the competitive edge by plugging into a supportive community.
  2. Get direct access to Graham, Carryn, Anton and community members.
  3. Receive fast responses to your queries.
  4. Be coached with reference to the Act, Survival Manual, video tutorials and more.

keyword access

  1. Use the Navigator to easily access subject-specific areas of the Act, rules and regulations, Survival Manual and other resources.
  2. Use keywords to identify exact reference points across all texts.
  3. Understand issues quickly and solve problems with confidence.

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Survival Manual

  1. Gain access to the digital version of the most popular, always up-to-date and easy-to-understand guide to the Sectional Titles Act.
  2. Learn with cross-referenced links to the Act, rules and regulations, video tutorials and discussion forums.
  3. Use powerful search capabilities to find exactly what you need.

reference texts

  1. Gain access to the up-to-date Sectional Titles Act, rules and regulations.
  2. Browse a comprehensive library of related texts and extracts.
  3. Use active reference links between all texts to gain a full understanding of subject areas.

Video tutorials

  1. Learn by watching engaging 5-minute video tutorials on subjects of your choice.
  2. Gain access to an ever-expanding bank of tutorials, with new tutorials created each week.
  3. Stay on top of your game.

Weekly newsletter

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  1. Membership fees are paid on a monthly or annual basis.
  2. Minimum membership period of three calendar months.
  3. Monthly membership fees are paid by credit card on the first of each month.
  4. Annual membership fees may be paid by EFT or credit card.